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1961 Triumph T-100

Builder: Anthony Robinson 
Build: 1961 Triumph T-100 named La Mosca (The Fly)
Company: Gasoline and Coffee

I always wanted to build a bike. What kid doesn’t?  I came a crossed this ad in craigslist about a 61 triumph. I called the guy and eventually met up somewhere in canyon county 40 miles north of LA. He was driving this ratty old Toyota pickup full of triumph, bsa and Norton parts.  And there it was in the mess of it all.. this frame, ceased motor (unknown to me at the time) and wheels. I won’t lie, it was a pile. but it was my pile and I had a vision. I was going to build this bike. This was on my bucket list. I reached over, pulled the bike to have a closer look… wow! I have no idea where to start - everything on this was rusted, crusty, dirty, and oily. Had a hard time pulling it out of the truck, tires were deflated, seemed to be in gear, and the handle bars wouldn’t move. I eventually got this beauty in to my truck and headed home. I remember how I was so excited to get home to show the wife. Ha! I get home pulled it out of the truck staged it in the drive way and called for the wife to see this score I just picked up on craigslist. She did not see my vision. I think she exclaimed, what is that! (My wife came around eventually, about the time I brought the tins home painted she was on board. She is my biggest fan.) So I got a lift and started tearing this old girl down to every nut and bolt.  

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1961 Triumph T-100

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